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Laser Eye Surgery: What You need to Know about Driving

The prospect of having laser eye surgery can be both intimidating and exciting. There is a lot to look forward to, like being able to read without eyeglasses. On the other hand, patients often express a small amount of concern related to unknown factors like what it will be like to drive after laser eye surgery, or when they will be able to drive after their procedure. Let’s discuss this.

Driving After Surgery

Eye procedures that involve laser technology are gentle and efficient. There is very little down time after laser eye surgery. However, patients are not able to drive immediately after their procedure. If laser eye surgery is in your future, you will need to arrange for a friend or family member to drive you to and from your appointment. It is acceptable to use public transportation if necessary, but you should be accompanied even in this situation.

Legally, driving is not supposed to resume until your ophthalmologist has cleared you to do so. In most cases, a follow-up appointment is scheduled for the day after surgery. Like the day of surgery, you will need transportation to this appointment as well. During the follow-up visit, the progress of healing is observed, and the matter of driving may be discussed. Often, patients can safely get behind the wheel within a few days of their procedure and usually need to wait no longer than a week for full recovery.

After the All-Clear

Being cleared to drive and perform other activities is a good sign of progress. There are still a few things that patients need to keep in mind after laser eye surgery. Although the initial recovery from eye surgery is very short, it may take some time for eyes to fully adjust to their new state. Some patients notice that bright lights now have a glare around them, a side-effect of eye conditions or treatments that may make night-driving something to get used to again. To make this transition easier, you may want to go out at night as a passenger first, then as the driver. Noticeable glares and halos typically decrease quite a bit within a few weeks of surgery, and continually improve over time.

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