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Is LASIK Surgery Right for You?

Many people who wear eyeglasses or contacts eventually become frustrated with the side effects of their necessary aids. Glasses slide down the bridge of the nose and need to be often cleaned. Contact lenses may feel uncomfortable if the eyes become dry. There are several reasons to wonder if corrective eye surgery might be right for you. Since LASIK is one of the most common procedures performed to improve vision, we want to discuss how to know if it may be the direction in which you want to go.

LASIK Has a Good Track Record

One of the primary objectives in treating refractive errors that diminish vision is to significantly reduce a person’s reliance on corrective lenses. LASIK’s track record is proof that reshaping the cornea works. Most patients who undergo this procedure achieve at least 20/25 vision, which enables them to engage in a wide variety of activities without needing vision-assistance. Where many LASIK patients still need glasses is when they drive at night.

The results that are achieved with LASIK are dependent on the extent of the refractive error, the type of refractive error, and extenuating factors such as concurrent eye disease like glaucoma. The greatest success has been achieved with patients affected by mild to moderate nearsightedness. When astigmatism and farsightedness are also in the mix, results are more difficult to predict, though improvement is possible.

How LASIK Works

You may recognize LASIK as laser eye surgery that can significantly improve your quality of life by reducing your need to wear contacts or glasses. Essentially, this is all you need to know. However, we like to discuss how innovative techniques work.

The reason that vision loses optimal clarity is that light does not travel to the back of the eye as it should. When there is a direct path through the eye to the retina, we can observe objects with a high degree of clarity. Changes to the structure of the eye, such as myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism, alter the path of light through the eye, so it lands somewhere other than the retina. Depending on where rays of light land, objects closer or farther away appear indistinct.

The way that eyeglasses and contacts work is by bending light before it enters the eye. LASIK, on the other hand, reshapes the cornea, so rays that pass through the front of the eye have a straight path toward the retina.

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