Macular Hole Treatment Honolulu, HI

Diagnosing and Treating the Macular Hole

Our eyes are like small cameras, and not just because they capture images that are stored in the brain. Structurally speaking, the eyes resemble cameras through the presence of a lens at the forefront, into which light flows. After passing through the lens, beams of light are then focused on the retina along the back wall of each eye. To clarify the images formed on the retina, we rely on a conglomerate of nerve cells at the center of the retina. It is this collection of cells that we call the macula.

A Hole Where?

We aren’t surprised by learning of holes in the galaxy. In the eye, though, is a phenomenon we don’t see all that often. Macular holes are possible and can affect daily living if not treated properly. Macular holes are diagnosed and treated by retinal specialists and, fortunately, tend to respond well to appropriate care.

What often incites a macular hole is the breakdown of the layer of nerve cells situated on the retina. This decline in the thickness of these cells is related to the natural aging process. Sometimes, retinal detachment occurs simultaneously to this thinning.

Diagnosing the Macular Hole

Anytime vision changes occur, there is the good reason to seek consultation with your eye doctor. Indications that a macular hole has formed include waves of vision and a sensation of looking through dense fog. Squarely within the central field of vision, a dark spot may be noticed. Additionally, the fine details of objects may look fuzzy or hard to make out when observed in central vision. Typically, these symptoms are only noticed in one eye.

To confirm a diagnosis of macular hole, it is necessary to use a special instrument to closely observe the back of the eye. Diagnosis does not require invasive technique and may involve special imaging that allows us to see the details of the retina and macula.

Treating the Macular Hole

Macular holes to not usually heal on their own. The danger in putting off treatment is that the hole may expand over time, further decreasing vision. To prevent this, surgery may be necessary. The success rate for macular hole surgery is high.

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