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Give Up Dry Eyes and Get Back Your Quality of Life

Most of us experience dry, irritated eyes every now and then. The environment can cause our tear film to evaporate too quickly. Getting engrossed in a good novel or social media can cause us to neglect to blink, resulting in temporary redness and grittiness, too. These temporary bouts of dry eye can be frustrating, but […]

Is there a Right Time for Cataract Removal?

Cataracts can cause vision to become excessively clouded. Next to glaucoma, cataracts account for many of the cases of vision loss that occur. The difference between cataracts and glaucoma, though, is that the clouded lens can be removed and replaced with an artificial lens to restore sight. To date, no non-surgical treatments have been found […]

LASIK or PRK: Which is Right for You?

Most people have heard of the LASIK eye procedure, a surgery that is currently performed hundreds of thousands of times each year. Because LASIK is so familiar by name, many people who are considering laser vision correction to help them reduce their need for eyeglasses don’t even realize they may have another option. Here, we […]

Is LASIK Surgery Right for You?

Many people who wear eyeglasses or contacts eventually become frustrated with the side effects of their necessary aids. Glasses slide down the bridge of the nose and need to be often cleaned. Contact lenses may feel uncomfortable if the eyes become dry. There are several reasons to wonder if corrective eye surgery might be right […]

Every Part of the Eye Matters

The eyes are complex structures that contain various parts. Each part, from the cornea to the retina to the optic nerve, has a role to play in the creation of sight. The retina sits at the back of the eye waiting for light to pass through the cornea and vitreous fluid. When light lands on […]