Why that 3D Entertainment isn’t Hitting your Sweet Spot

eye conditionsIn recent years, we have seen a new interest in 3D entertainment. Movies out of Hollywood are jumping off the screen to get our attention. If you have attempted to enjoy this type of entertainment but found that your eyes just can’t seem to agree, you’re not alone.

Normal Vision Imitated

The technical action behind 3D imaging is an attempt to imitate the natural workings of the eye. We do observe objects in 3 dimensions as we go about our day. Once images are placed on a screen, however, they are diminished to 2 dimensions. The whole point of 3D is to make the events happening before we feel more authentic. Who doesn’t like the idea of being front and center for that fight between King Kong and Godzilla!

How it Works

Because our eyes are naturally a couple of inches apart, each has its unique perspective. You can test this by closing one eye at a time when you observe your environment. Without moving your head, observe the same environment with the other eye closed. The world looks slightly different when you do this. When we use both of our eyes, the brain fuses these two perspectives to form a singular 3-dimensional view. Pretty amazing!

To recreate this for our entertainment, 3D films are made from two different lenses. These lenses are situated the same average distance as the eyes, a few inches from one another. Because of this technical approach, it is impossible to see the images on the screen clearly without the assistance of special glasses.

Historically, 3D glasses have been filtered; one lens blue and the other red. Today, most of these spectacles are simply polarized. This advancement filter colors in a way that allows images to project 3-dimensionally without obstructing the fullness of all hues.

The trouble with 3D Entertainment?

Have you tried to sit through a 3D movie and found that, even with your special glasses, you cannot seem to focus properly on what is in front of you? This can be frustrating and may also leave you feeling slightly motion sick! If you have had this experience, it could be because your eyes are not fully coordinating their movements. This is referred to as binocular vision, and approximately 30 percent of the population has it to some degree.

Does binocular vision require treatment? Not necessarily, unless you have other eye conditions that are impeding your clearest vision. However, there is no wrong time to get your eyes checked! To schedule a thorough eye exam in the Honolulu area, call 808-625-5577.

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